Hackers may have had head start in Ottawa cyber-attack

Sep 25, 2011

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"Indications are that data has been exfiltrated and that privileged accounts have been compromised," the incident report says.

Three days later, there were fears about the email accounts of senior Finance Department officials being targeted. A bulletin sent Jan. 21 noted "the risk of loss of sensitive information resulting from these targeted emails is HIGH."

When the attack was first reported Jan. 24, Treasury Board seized on the crisis to fast-track a request for better tools, asking that the procurement be considered a matter of protecting national security.

The Canadian Treasury Board and Finance Department, described as the federal government's two main economic nerver centers, were targeted in January. Nine months later full Internet access has not yet been restored. Lots of information about the attack has been censored, and given the reported chaos they experienced, and still are experiencing to some extent, I suspect much about the attack will remain a mystery.

Here is an article by CBC News back in February.

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