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Who We Are

Net Squared, Inc. conducts research in and develops software for information security. Net Squared spun out of the UC Davis Computer Security Lab in 1996 and continues to work closely with UCD today. We have worked with a number of government organizations, including the Air Force, Navy, FAA, Department of Energy, and Intelligence Community. We also work with commercial organizations.

What We Do

Our focus is primarily in intrusion detection, both network-based and host-based. Our researchers developed the earliest network-based intrusion detection system, the Network Security Monitor, which was deployed across the Air Force under the name ASIM, within the Department of Energy under the name NIDS, and within the Defense Information Systems Agency under the name JIDS.

Our current focus is on host/audit-based intrusion detection. Our Audit Explorer tool lets you detect and analyze a range of threats against Apple's Mac OS X system.

For some of the latest security news from around the world and our brief thoughts on them, check out our blog.

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